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Our Story


This is a page for you to talk about your business — your team, history, vision, approach, etc. You can use this space to connect with your customers, build trust, and establish your brand. Customers always appreciate knowing who they’re buying from.

Thanks to 
Old Faithful Shop for allowing us to use their beautiful imagery for our demo theme. Below is their story:

Old Faithful Shop stocks good quality goods for simple, everyday living. We believe that the best products become better known as our Old Faithful ones: trusty, well-built heirloom pieces that are classic in design and only enhanced by the passage of time. In a disposable world we appreciate items that will exist long after we do not.

The inspiration for Old Faithful Shop came directly from the shop floors of co-founder Walter Manning's Grandparents stores. Both his paternal and maternal Grandparents owned and operated successful General Stores, as did their parents before them. What resonated with Walter the most was that their shops not only provided general provisions and impeccable service, but also served as a gathering place and hub for the community to get together and catch up. You always got more than you needed.